Jiangxi Provincial Children’s Hospital Excises "Giant Spleen" for 9-year-old Girls

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Recently, Deng Qingqiang’s surgical team from the General Surgery Department of Jiangxi Children’s Hospital successfully removed the spleen of a 9-year-old girl with megasplenia using laparoscopy. The girl recovered well and was discharged from the hospital.


9-year-old girl Jing Jing (pseudonym) was diagnosed with "mild anemia" in an external hospital for more than two years due to a decrease in hemoglobin. After completing genetic and hemolytic tests, she was diagnosed with "hereditary spherocytosis". However, she did not receive treatment due to her conscious lack of discomfort. In the past two months, there has been obvious abdominal pain, and Jing Jing’s parents are very worried. They immediately went to the General Surgery Department of Jiangxi Children’s Hospital for treatment.


After Jing Jing was admitted to the hospital, relevant examinations were immediately completed. Abdominal ultrasound showed that the spleen was huge, with a size of 23 cm * 13 cm * 7 cm and a hemoglobin level of 76.00 g/L. After detailed inquiry by the managing physician Lei Jun, in order to prevent Jing Jing’s condition from further worsening, General Surgery Director Deng Qingqiang and his surgical team immediately formulated a surgical plan for Jing Jing and decided to implement laparoscopic total splenectomy.

江西省儿童医院成功为 9 岁女童在腹腔镜下切除「巨脾」


Under normal circumstances, the spleen is soft and brittle, with a dark red color, and is the largest immune organ and the most important blood storage organ in the human body. The spleen has a rich blood supply and a complex anatomical structure. Any carelessness can lead to massive bleeding and endanger life, especially in the case of a child with a huge spleen. Therefore, minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery is a great test of the professional skills of the surgeon in charge. Director Deng Qingqiang of the General Surgery Department’s team was skilled and experienced, and ultimately successfully removed and completely removed the giant spleen under laparoscopic surgery.


江西省儿童医院成功为 9 岁女童在腹腔镜下切除「巨脾」


Deng Qingqiang introduced that hereditary glomerulocytosis is a hereditary hemolytic disease caused by a defect in the red blood cell membrane, which leads to increased damage to red blood cells. It is an autosomal dominant genetic disease. Due to the destruction of spherical red blood cells by the spleen, it is often manifested as anemia, hemolytic jaundice, and splenomegaly. Clinical treatment usually relies on total splenectomy, but due to the fact that the spleen is one of the important immune organs in the human body, premature resection can lead to serious bacterial infections. It is best to remove the spleen after the age of 5. If the patient’s condition is severe, it can also be done appropriately in advance. The girl recovered well after surgery and was discharged.


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